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NAIO International
Learning Portal

Welcome to the NAIO Practitioner Training Program online education and resource portal.

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The NAIO Practitioner Training Program online course portion of each module can be started at anytime, once your application to the complete module or training program is accepted. Choose when you wish to access each   modules asynchronous course before completing the in-person online and retreat when they are scheduled.

Course Registration

On acceptance into each module participants will be given access to the relevant online course.
Somatic Movement Practices

Holistic Awareness and Somatic Education Practices are included in each course to develop a personal practice throughout the entire training.

Set Your Own Rhythm

Create your own time and pacing to access NAIO core principles and educative concepts. Revisit whenever you need to integrate your knowledge.

Experiential Biology

The study of life is a complex web of relationship. Working with educative and scientific principles biology is also explored experientially throughout the program.

Explore the process of life

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