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BIOS Online Course

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The Bios module explores embodiment and what it means ‘to live’, to exist as an embedded expression of life, GAIA and to be engaged in the world. It builds on earlier modules such as Primordia and expands further the multidisciplinary exploration of feeling, sensing, perceiving and relating to life.


Topics such as cognition, subjectivity, inter-subjectivity and aesthetics as important aspects of embodied experience – that is life and self awareness are delved into.



A deepening into the meta-theme of Dynamic Wholeness through the works of luminaries such as David Bohm will be introduced. 


Bios continues the journey through evolutionary biological concepts from the micro to the macro, the repeating themes and motifs that move life as an interconnected,

co-arising and extraordinary meta-organism that we, as human beings, belong to.


The Bios module looks at the orchestration and organisation of life emerging, as an ongoing creative movement of wholeness.

It continues to deepen and build upon the concepts learned in earlier modules of the different aspects of the NAIO™ holistic awareness process for participants, and those on the NAIO™ Practitioner Training and Certification Path.